Thursday, 17 March 2016

Thursday, the road continues

The road continues.
The path beyond the palm strewn entrance,
the angry violence of the temple courts,
to the stone steps of an upper room:
the welcome of an open door,
anxious friends,
and a celebration of the past
which becomes the future.
The bright sun of Sunday
burnt up in an instant
prepared, ordained,
schemed and planned
in eternity.
Yet the storm cloud of rejection
hides behind the horizon,
darkening with the coming of night,
gathering momentum,
undertone to the celebration.

The gentle washing
of the dusty day from feet
as we enter a womb of refuge
and the door closes.

A cup of wine refreshes
and begins its anaesthesia.
The camaraderie
of friends and brothers
journeys conversations;
banter begins its camouflage
and smiles seep into the fear.

Another cup of wine
and the breaking of bread
the safe familiarity
of Passover;
the security of history,
the illusion of a future.

And the storm cloud of rejection
darkens the coming of night,
gathering momentum,
on another page.