Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Holocaust day 2016

History began before I was born;
before air struck the gong of life
into my insignificant life.
Millennia, centuries, decades, years
wrote pages of experience
in chapters we choose to ignore
or pass as fantasy
belonging in parallel universes
and otherworlds.

We mark the anniversaries
with blindness
as the remembrances of others
fade with their dying.

But our world, formed in love,
is tainted and defiled
by pen and sword
and the executions
of bigots.
And on this day.
THIS day,
we celebrate life,
and the opportunity
fail again.

To those who make decisions;
to those who pedal death,
street-sellers of hate and mistrust,
I bequeath history your nightmare
from which you cannot awaken.

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